We had recently visited Jim Corbett to enjoy the awesome weather and of course to catch a glimpse of the Majestic Tiger in its very own Kingdom. The city adjoining the Corbett Reserve is called Ramnagar. We chose to travel by train and it seemed to be an excellent and extremely convenient option – except that you might have to plan the trip in advance in order to get confirmed tickets; else you may also explore driving down to the city. The city is filled with Hotels/ Resorts and generally all of them are pretty nice. We chose to stay in a resort that was by the Kosi River. Although it was extremely chilly during our visit, sitting by the river was a really amazing experience, connecting us back to nature and giving a feel of the adventurous possibilities here; not to mention the fun of sitting by the river and sipping on some wine… J

We decided to relax on the first day and having heard of some fresh snowfall in Nainital (which is just about 80 km’s from Ramnagar) we planned a visit to Nainital. This proved to be pretty good, since Nainital seemed to be quite a busy commercial hub and we were able to catch up with some fresh Snow – it was my first experience with snow and I was thrilled!!!

The third day we had planned our Safari and we were very excited. Our Jeep arrived and we were off!!! We had chosen to visit the Bijrani Zone, which is actually not very densely populated with Tigers, but also happens to be a small zone in terms of area – and to our luck, there had been a lot of spotting over the past few days. The ride was fun and we saw all kinds of wildlife – numerous Deers, Jackals, Jungle cats, a variety of Monkeys and birds; except the Tiger L. We were soooooo close to viewing the Tiger 3 times – the first time one of the Jeeps in front of us had spotted and due to all the sound, the Tiger just hid, second time we again missed by a few minutes and the third time again the Tiger decided to take its time and we had to leave. The third time was really close, we had seen pug marks and heard signals from the Monkeys and Deers; we even saw them run as if they were being chased!!! But still no luck – the Tiger still remained elusive!

All in all it was a wonderful experience and it is definitely a place worth visiting. I can assure you that we will be going back again and hopefully this time we finally get to see His Majesty!!!